Upon completion of Basic Training

1: Training completed

– Copies of your picture, 2 pieces of ID and Guarantor Form will be emailed to you upon successful completion of training

2: Training Completion Number Received – Book Your Test

– After you have received your Training Completion Number ( 8 Digits, example: 12345678 – found at the top of your Guarantor Form), you may book your test on the Serco Services website:

Click here for Ontario Security Testing

– If you don’t have Visa, Master Card, or American Express you may buy a prepaid Master Card at convenience store, or gas station, and book the test or set an appointment at the Paragon Academy for assistance

– If you Pass the test move onto Step 3

– If you Fail The Test please set an appointment with the Paragon Academy for coaching or attending all or part of the program at no further cost.

3: Applying for a Security Guard License

– After you have passed the test you may apply online for a Security Guard License:

Click here to Apply Online

– To Access your Service Ontario Account to open a saved draft of your Security Guard License Application, go to:

Click here for Ontario Account

4: License Process – Waiting Period

– Once your License Application has been accepted and processed, a License will be generated by the Ministry and a card will be mailed to your home address. To print a temporary digital copy of your license:

Click here

Thank you for choosing the Paragon Academy

We trust this information will assist you