The risk ranking of commercial real estate is a dynamic target. It is crucial to consider past, present, and future risk factors to determine the necessary layers of protection to mitigate risks.

Make informed decisions to mitigate risk

Paragon prides itself on using a proactive risk consultancy and analysis process methodology. Combined with over 40 years of market expertise and best practices, Paragon’s scientific approach can help Property Managers and stakeholders make informed decisions to mitigate risk, lower the cost of ownership, and protect their brand, while improving their overall security program.


We understand the commercial property market and recognize that property owners and managers have major responsibilities to control the cost of services, provide excellent customer service to maximize tenant satisfaction and occupancy, and ensure the safety of their tenants and visitors.


Through the right combination of security personnel, risk consultation, and proven technologies, Paragon provides commercial properties with customized security solutions backed by exceptional customer service.

Make Informed Decisions To Mitigate Risk