The efficient and secure transportation of goods is paramount for a thriving economy. There is a constant push to expedite the movement of goods, covering more ground at a lower cost. However, supply chains are continuously confronted with an evolving threat landscape, facing a broad range of security challenges, ranging from physical to cybersecurity threats.

Cybersecurity Threats

Physical threats to the supply chain are often more apparent and easily identifiable, occurring at various points along the supply chain.


Employee inventory theft, particularly at distribution centers, poses a significant threat to supply chains. The high volume of goods passing through these centers makes it challenging to monitor everything with precision. Moreover, theft operations can be complex, with employees within the company colluding with external parties, such as drivers, to transport stolen goods outside the distribution center for resale.


At Paragon, we provide high quality safety and security programs, with an emphasis on loss prevention support for distribution centers. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique security risks and develop effective programs that enhance the overall level of safety and security awareness among employees. Our approach is designed to offer value driven security and safety partnerships, with enhanced controls for inventory shrinkage, ensuring optimal protection for your distribution centers.

Cybersecurity Threats