International CX Day 2020 is Oct 6, 2020 encouraging me to reflect on what has been accomplished this past year, and where we are headed in the future.

Last week I shared a little insight into what we have done to improve the CX content of Paragon’s in-house training programs to enhance the ability of our guards to deliver against the Customer Service Pillar.

This week we’ll look at just a few of the programs we’ve initiated to increase employee engagement, a critical element of a comprehensive CX culture shift that supports our ability to deliver the Paragon Pillars. Research shows engaged employees offer great customer experiences, disengaged employees do not.

Our Young Pioneers are a group of Paragonians who have been identified as future leaders. Over the past 6 months, they have been working towards a third-party market intelligence and sales accreditation. They have leveraged this training to contribute significantly to the overall success and growth of Paragon. Over a 2-month period they gathered significant market intelligence and identified prioritized properties which may be interested in Paragon’s services. They are currently building market relationships and working with key executives to secure new business. Engagement begins when individuals know their efforts are contributing to the company’s success.

Further to my mention of the Dialogue Series in a prior post, Roger Pugsley is now engaging our operational teams and Dispatch to hone communication and hand overs between the two groups. Dispatch is critical. They run the business after hours. It is imperative the operation teams support them and provide them with the information they need to ensure uninterrupted customer experiences. Once again, this is a dialogue by participants and I stress the importance of engaging employees in the CX journey – their involvement in decisions will lead to commitment and dedication to a successful outcome.

We are also designing a Women in Leadership program to support their development and career aspirations.

Team building plays an important part in developing strong internal relationships. We had several events planned when the global pandemic hit. We have not forgotten, just postponed these important events and we all look forward to curling, bowling, cooking, escape rooms, karting, and working in soup kitchens together.

I hope everyone is excited. International CX Day is tomorrow. Enjoy the celebration!