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Welcome! – whatever brought you to Ontario, Canada took a lot of courage and motivation especially to step out of your comfort zone and move to a new province, country, or community. 

For over 40 years, Paragon Security has supported newcomers in getting their Security Guard licenses and provided additional Security Guard training. There are many jobs to choose from in Ontario, yet many can be difficult for newcomers. A role in Security can be rewarding and a great start to a lifelong career in an exciting industry.

Why Security?

A career in Security offers many avenues and opportunities in various fields and often pays above average for newcomers. It’s relatively easy to secure your guard licenses, including a 40-hour security training with CPR and first aid training. Once completed, you can take the Ministry exam and apply for a Security Guard licence. After receiving your licence, finding employment is often very simple. The average annual salary for a Security Guard ranges from $35,000.00 and up, with benefits and full equipment included. 

Becoming a Security Guard is a great first step to many exciting positions within Security. As well, Security Guards are highly sought after by many employers.
Paragon Concierge Security Guard Team in a Commercial space

Build A Career Around Your Lifestyle

Once you have your Security Guard license, you have several areas of advancement and opportunities. Whether you are looking for full-time, part-time, casual, or flexible contracts, Security offers the flexibility most jobs don’t. 

For example, certain roles require regular staffing based on standard business hours, giving you stability and security within your employment. These roles are often concierge or building security roles. Yet, a retail or institution location may be best if you want a more flexible schedule due to family or schooling obligations. This could be a position as a mobile patrol or within the healthcare sector where shift work is more common. Several significant or special events require temporary Security Guard services; these are great if you want to make a little extra income or need flexible work times. 

In a recent Gallup survey, 15% of surveyed employees shared they are truly happy at work. Often an outlier in reduced happiness is a lack of flexibility in a person’s role or an individual’s schedule. Knowing what’s important and which type of lifestyle you want to have will greatly contribute to your individual happiness and your enjoyment at work. Knowing if you want to work standard business hours or maybe you prefer evenings and weekends to enjoy your personal time when others are at work is vital to knowing what role would suit you best. As the common workday has evolved, more people are looking for flexibility and control over their careers. Security roles offer this flexibility and autonomy, letting you decide your schedule to put the important things first.

Grow As a Security Guard

As you grow in your role as a Security Guard, there are several continuing education options to help hone your skills in becoming a specialist in your field. Often there are a certain number of work hours required for certification. Your role as a  Security Guard can often apply to these requirements. 

Depending on your aspirations, a Security Guard role can grow into any of the following areas:

A security guard supervisor speaking with two security guards.

Get Started Today!

As a newcomer, you bring much experience, determination, perseverance, and courage to the workplace. You’ve overcome hurdles that others may never have in a lifetime. These qualities can’t be taught in a classroom, virtual or in person, and yet you already have them. Acknowledging your skills is the first step in succeeding in your new role. A career in Security is exciting and rewarding, with many opportunities to grow; check out our other articles on The 5 Types of Roles Beyond a Security Guard and How to Become a Security Guard in Canada: A Step-by-Setp Guide.

If a role in security is part of your future, stop waiting, take action today and start training toward your Security Guard license.

If you are ready to jumpstart your career in security, check out our careers page.

Join a booming industry! With ten years as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, a place in the Hall of Fame of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures, being named Best Employer by Forbes Magazine for three years in a row, and winning the OSPA’s Outstanding Contract Security Company Award, Paragon is one of the fastest-growing companies across Canada. Be sure to follow and read Our Blog, to learn more about Paragon and the exciting world of security.

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