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What is Paragon IVR?

The Paragon Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is an automated system designed to track the health and safety of employees who work alone. The IVR system is designed to be used only when employed by Paragon.

As an employee of Paragon, you may be assigned to a shift with IVR requirements. If you are, your scheduler will notify you.

We are working to include additional information in our Employee Portal.

Why IVR?

The purpose of the call is to make sure our employees are safe in their work environment. To do so, we ask them to make these calls when on duty at specific times throughout their shift.

If an employee does not make a scheduled call into the IVR system, an automatic call is made to the designated workplace telephone number. If the automated call is not actioned; a text message is automatically made to the employee’s personal number.

If two consecutive attempts go unanswered, our Dispatch Department is notified, whereby a live agent will commence the emergency protocols in place to contact the employee up to and including dispatching a mobile supervisor to their workplace.

When do I know if I need to make an IVR call?

As you are assigned to a shift, the scheduler will notify you if your shift requires an IVR call. There are three distinct types of IVR calls.

Where do I find IVR phone numbers?

Each employee is issued a Hiring package that includes detailed information about the Paragon IVR system, numbers, and instructions on how to make calls.

How do I make the IVR call?

If you are required to make a IVR call from a workplace and the workplace does not have a phone line, you can continue by using your personal mobile device.

When an IVR call is made:

  1. If the call is generated from the workplace phone number, the system will match the caller ID with an active shift and accept the call right away. Upon receiving a success message, the employee can hang up. No further action is required.
  2. If the caller ID is not matched to an active shift, the system will ask the caller to punch in their security license number, ending by pressing the “#” key. If the license number is correct and is matched to an active shift, the call will be successful, and the employee can hang up. NO further action is required.
  3. If no match is found, a warning message will be played, and the employee needs to try again.

What happens if I miss my IVR call?

If an employee misses a required IVR call, the Paragon IVR system will make an automatic call to the workplace phone number. Upon answering the automated call, the employee should follow the prompts provided during the call.

If there is no answer or the employee does not follow the prompts correctly, then a text message is generated and sent to the employee’s mobile number. Upon receipt of the automated text message, action on the part of the employee is required to prevent additional escalation. The employee will be asked to respond by inserting a Security Guard License number OR a single digit confirming that the employee is safe. Employees are asked to pay attention to the content of the text message and respond accordingly.

What types of IVR calls are there?

There are three distinct types of IVR calls. Each shift may have a combination of each or none. They are:

  • Book On: If your shift is marked with Book On, it means that you are required to make your IVR call when you start the shift. A call may be placed up to 15 minutes before a shift start and up to 30 minutes after the shift start.
  • Hourly Call: If your shift is marked with Hourly Call, it means that you are required to make hourly check-in calls until the shift ends. When you make the first hourly call, the IVR system will respond with the expected time windows you are required to make the remaining calls.
  • Book Off: If your shift is marked with Book Off, it means that you are required to make a call when the shift ends. You can make a book off call up to 30 minutes after the shift ends.

More about SMS Messages:

Is there a way to opt in to receive IVR SMS messages, or opt out of them?

When hired by Paragon, you consent to receiving SMS messages on your mobile phone in case of emergencies. Your mobile number will automatically be included in the IVR list, and upon termination of your employment, your number will be automatically removed.

Notwithstanding the above, if you have a valid reason to not participate in the Paragon IVR system program and do not wish to receive SMS messages on your mobile phone while you are still a Paragon employee, you can respond to any IVR message with the word “STOP”. Your number will be placed on temporary hold until a Paragon Representative contacts you to verify the request.

What are available SMS commands I can use?

The Paragon IVR system will respond to standard SMS commands. They include: “HELP”, “AIDE”, “STOP”, “ARRET”, and “INFO”.

What if I am not a Paragon employee and I receive an SMS by mistake?

If you received a SMS in error or are not an employee of Paragon, please respond with the command “STOP” to any IVR text messages. You may also contact Paragon directly by dialing (416) 498-4000 and report that your phone number has been used by mistake. We will investigate and remove your number as soon as possible.


STOP (English):

“Your number has been removed from our system. If you are a Paragon employee, someone from Paragon Operations will contact you for an alternative option to track your health and safety.”

HELP (English):

“Paragon Security health and safety IVR system intended for internal employees. Not for public use. Std msg & data rates may apply. Details at {0}. Terms at {1}. Policy at {2}. Txt STOP to opt out.

“Paragon Security health and safety IVR system. Details at {0}, or contact (416)498-4000 for support | Système IVR santé et sécurité de Paragon Security. Détails à {0}, ou pour le support contactez (416) 498-4000.