Emergency Notifications

September 10, 2021

To update your profile in our system, please use the link below and enter your COVID vaccination dates:

Go to Covid Vaccine Form


To download our new vaccination policy, please use this link: Download PDF

April 19, 2021



It will come as no surprise when I say the COVID variants have put far more strain on our healthcare network.  Given the extensive news coverage, we have reached out to an infectious disease expert from UHN to learn more:

  • The variants are more transmissible.  That means the variants will be absorbed more quickly and easily into our bodies.
  • The variants cause more severe outcomes.  That means likelihood of severe sickness is more likely.


In other words, now is NOT the time to relax.

What can we do?  Our recommendations are simple, and we ask all of you to be EXTRA diligent about:

  • Limiting contact with anyone outside your households as much as possible.
  • Wearing a medical grade mask whenever you are in contact with anyone.  This is critical when indoors, and strongly encouraged outdoors.
  • Limiting the amount of time spent with anyone.
  • Maintaining social distance of 6 feet.
  • Washing your hands with soap frequently.
  • Covering your mouth whenever you cough or sneeze.
  • Avoiding touching your face.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces.
  • Monitoring your health.  Stay home and get tested if you have symptoms.
  • Getting vaccinated as soon as possible.


Paragon has made significant investments in PPE and equipment designed to keep Paragonians safe.  We encourage everyone to do your part to keep yourselves and others safe.

We also encourage guards with concerns or questions to talk to your site or patrol supervisors.

Thank you,

Kevin Sanjari

March 22, 2021

This Safety Plan details the procedures that Paragon Security has implemented to keep our employees, contractors, and visitors safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The plan was created under Public Health Regulations.

Feb 3rd, 2021

All IVR numbers are working. The earlier issue with the main IVR number has been resolved.

You can use any one of these numbers:

  • (647)699-2110
  • (416)498-3209
  • 1-877(244)8774

March 30, 2020

thank-you letter from Paragon Security President Kevin Sanjari to the invaluable members of our teams.

March 26, 2020

Hello Paragonians,

The efforts to address COVID-19 are extremely important for us all and pose a range of challenges to individuals and families as we respond to the demands of this pandemic.

Please see the Memo and Fact Sheets regarding Mental Health Awareness and COVID-19, below:


March 25, 2020

Hello Paragonians, We are pleased to provide access to a free training course through Cognibox e-Learning that provides information on COVID-19. It also recommends measures that individuals and companies can take to protect themselves and prevent any spreading of the virus. Please use this link: https://sim.cognibox.com/en/covid-19-training Thank you for your participation and stay safe!  

March 18, 2020

The following documents are prepared by the Public Health Agency of Canada and Toronto Public Health. They detail the risks of coronavirus (COVID-19) and important preventative measures to reduce the spread of the virus.

Please read through these documents carefully:


March 10, 2020

In response to the recent announcements of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Ontario, we would like to share some critical information with our employees and clients on how we are handling the situation.

Below, you will find two different letters. The first letter is intended for our employees and contains health and safety tips regarding COVID-19, while the second letter is intended for our clients and contains information about Paragon’s Pandemic Plan in relation to COVID-19.

Carefully read the letter(s) pertinent to you:



April 2, 2020

We have received reports that many of our employees have been stopped by police, inquiring where they are going and why they are not at home in self-isolation. We have prepared an official letter that states that the Ontario government has deemed Paragon Security as an essential business. Please print this document or save it to your phone to present it to a police officer in the event that you are questioned. Essential Services Letter