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“An indispensable members of our communities”

Security professionals play a crucial role in safeguarding public safety, implementing emergency planning and response strategies, managing security operations, and much more. Whether you’re interested in law enforcement, military experience, building management or personal growth opportunities, becoming a security guard can open doors to various rewarding paths.

Security Guard: A Vital and Essential Role

Security guards are often referred to as the first responders in times of crisis. They are the ones who maintain constant vigilance, patrolling our surroundings and keeping a watchful eye on any potential threats or suspicious activities. In emergency situations, security guards are usually the first to arrive at the scene, providing immediate assistance and ensuring public safety.

Their role goes far beyond monitoring CCTV cameras or checking identification cards at entrances. Security guards are trained to assess risks and respond swiftly when faced with dangerous situations such as fires, medical emergencies, or criminal activity. They act as a crucial link between law enforcement agencies and the general public by reporting incidents promptly and accurately.

Being a first responder requires not only physical fitness but also mental preparedness. Security guards receive emergency planning and response training, enabling them to handle high-pressure situations while maintaining control and composure. They must be quick thinkers who can make sound decisions under stress, ensuring that lives are protected and property is secured.

Moreover, security guards serve an essential function in crowd management during events or gatherings where large numbers of people converge. Implementing effective access control measures and maintaining orderliness within these settings contribute significantly to preventing accidents or disturbances from escalating. Security guards play a vital role as first responders in various scenarios requiring immediate action. 

10 steps to help advance your career

Type of Career You Can Move Into as a Security Guard

Becoming a security guard can be the first step towards an exciting and fulfilling career. The skills and experience gained in this role can open up a wide range of opportunities in various industries.

  • Security Management

Many organizations are eager to promote and train leaders. As a Site Supervisor or Security Manager, you are responsible for overseeing a team of security guards, ensuring their effectiveness in safeguarding people and property. This role involves coordinating schedules, conducting risk assessments, and implementing strategies to enhance overall safety.

  • Law Enforcement

Being a Security Guard opens doors to joining local or federal law enforcement teams. The knowledge gained as a security guard provides a solid foundation for pursuing a career as a police officer, corrections officer, or detective. Your understanding of public safety protocols and emergency planning will give you an edge during the selection process.

  • Military

For those with military experience, becoming a private military contractor might be an appealing option. These individuals work on contracts around the world, providing protective services to clients in high-risk environments such as conflict zones or areas prone to terrorism. It’s challenging work but highly rewarding for those who thrive under pressure.

  • Building Maintenance

Many office buildings, residential complexes, and shopping centers employ their own security personnel to maintain order within their premises. As someone with prior experience as a security guard, you would have valuable insights into identifying potential threats and effectively responding to incidents.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to careers after being a security professional. Whether your interests lie in law enforcement, private contracting, or even branching out into related fields like cybersecurity or emergency response planning – the skills acquired as a security guard provide an excellent foundation for personal growth and professional success.

So, if you’re looking for an entry point into these diverse industries while making meaningful contributions toward public safety – consider starting your journey by becoming a security guard!

Training for Security Guard Exam

Preparing to Become a Security Guard

Becoming a security guard is not just about wearing a uniform and patrolling the premises. It requires training, skills, and a solid commitment to public safety. If you are considering starting a career in the security industry, here are some steps to help prepare for this role.

  • Research different types of security jobs available in your area. From corporate security to event security or even working at airports or government facilities, various options depending on your interests and skill set.
  • Obtain the specific requirements for becoming a security guard in Ontario. This includes:
  • Develop essential skills such as solid communication abilities, both written and verbal, problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and physical fitness, which will be valuable assets in any security position.

Remember that preparing to become a security guard is an ongoing process; continuous learning through professional development opportunities will keep you updated with emerging trends within the industry. Investing time and effort into proper preparation can set you up for success in this rewarding career path.


If you are ready to jumpstart your career in security, enrol in basic security training and prepare for the Ministry security guard exam to obtain your security guard license, or if you already have your security guard license, check out our careers page.



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