March 10, 2020

Dear Client,

This letter is intended to provide you with information about Paragon’s pandemic preparedness and our commitment to our clients.

As you are aware, the World Health Organization has declared the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a global public health emergency.

Since the public announcement of the Coronavirus, we have worked diligently with various credible sources to ensure we stay ahead of news media. Appropriate and timely communication has been provided to our employees, and we have responded to questions and concerns from our valued clients.

Currently, the Coronavirus is well contained in North America, and therefore, we do not anticipate a major outbreak. We have activated “Phase I” of our Pandemic Plan and will continue to monitor this situation carefully with appropriate actions.

Paragon has a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and well-thought-out and tested Pandemic Plan that ensures all necessary measures are taken in protecting the safety and security of our employees and our client’s interests.

We are committed to ensuring that our Pandemic Plan supports our client’s sites, posts, and positions to minimize any service delivery disruptions. Paragon’s Emergency Management Team, led by Senior Executives, continues to meet weekly to review our Pandemic Response Plan. These meetings have resulted in new ideas in strategic planning to instill our clients with full confidence during a pandemic outbreak.

We believe we will be able to maintain service levels, as well as agree to reduce services during the peak of an outbreak.

We will continue to keep you updated as we place a priority on your health and wellbeing. For future update please visit notifications.